About Us

Mabe Ladies Choir has been a feature in the Cornish musical landscape since 1931 and has long been one of Cornwall’s premier choral groups. Hailing from places as far afield as Truro and Coverack and ranging in age from thirty-something to eighty-something they unite once a week in Penryn to indulge and nurture their love of singing.

The women of Mabe Ladies Choir take their music making very seriously, constantly striving to achieve the highest artistic and technical standards. That said, they do spend an inordinate amount of time laughing! Whether it’s in

 the rehearsal room or the concert hall the emphasis is on fun & enjoyment, for choir and audience alike. Rule Number One of being a Mabe Lady is to have fun. There is no rule Number Two.

We rehearse weekly in Penryn, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm on Wednesday evenings throughout the year.